My day


Spent the morning at the gym. I did a bit of cardio and then focused on my back. Trying to work on my posture, I need to improve it… Managed to do five proper push ups! Slowly getting there!

This afternoon I spent some time with Jamie before he headed to work and then went to Kajsa’s this evening. We watched Love, Rosie (a fantastic film, definitely recommend it) and had some salmon with a salad. Delicious! Finished the meal with some blueberries and watermelon. I am obsessed with watermelon, one of my favourite things to eat on a hot summer’s day on the beach. And yes unfortunately I’m in my turtleneck in pretty much June… It’s nice and cosy in this cold weather…

Sushi date


Had an amazing time with Emma yesterday at Nanakusa. We were just catching up and enjoying some delicious food. They seated us in their mezzanine, had no idea you could sit up there but it was really nice as it was very busy so it was a bit more quiet there.

We ended up staying for quite a while and met up with some friends at Tiki for a little while afterwards. Jamie was surprised to see us once again 🙂 Our friends had never been to Tiki before and absolutely loved it.

I want!


I was browsing around on the internet and came across this amazing watch. It is a digital watch which changes display and shows you how many steps you’ve taken, it monitors your sleep, calories burned, as well as showing you the time and the date. The watch is connected to an app you download on your phone where you can check your progress. Right now I have a pedometer app on my phone and I notice that I want to walk a lot more when I can keep track of my steps. However, it drains my battery quite a bit, which is why I think this watch would be perfect. I love that you can swap between the two different straps. My birthday is coming up in August, maybe something to wish for.

I can’t decide whether I prefer the black or the white one. What do you guys think? Unfortunately they only seem to be available through US web shops. I found these two here. Might be worth it though.

Busy busy


Had a little flu shot on my way home from work yesterday 🙂


Yesterday was a busy day from start to finish. I started off with a nice morning walk into work. At work we had lots of things to be done before the weekend. I really love my colleagues, they are all lovely and we make a great team. Afterwards I had plans with some of my friends to have dinner. I was put in charge of cooking food for everyone 😛 Since I didn’t have a lot of time I made fajitas. It is one of the few meals I don’t use my own spices and seasonings in (I buy the bag), I know not great but Jamie and I really want to try and make our own in our new flat. I love fajitas and Mexican food when you make it at home as everyone can decide what they want in their food (I love lots of veg whilst others don’t want as much, perfect). I was exhausted and eventually went to bed around one.

Today was started off at the gym (of course). I legs got a good workout and I ended up staying for a bit longer than planned but since I have nothing to rush to it was nice to feel enough energy and motivation to continue. Once back I had an amazing porridge breakfast. Feeling a bit dehydrated today despite drinking loads of water yesterday so need to watch my water intake today.

Really excited for tonight. I’m going out for sushi with Emma who is back from Sweden! Love sushi so much and can’t wait to see my beautiful friend!