My Sunday Morning

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Hello everyone!

The rain is pouring down here in Glasgow on this fine Sunday. I still ventured out around nine for a little gym session. Since I have just barely recovered from my horrible sinusitis (feeling almost like myself again) I thought some light exercise could help me. I really struggle trying to hold back after not exercising for so long but I have to keep reminding myself that this is better than nothing. It is important to be able to restrict yourself as well.

Today it was time for the legs and bum to get a little workout. I left the gym feeling super happy and energised. It’s the best start to the day!

Once I got home I enjoyed a nice bowl of porridge. Yes my porridge obsession continues! I cannot get enough. It is also the only thing that really fills me up in the morning. My favourite topping at the moment is banana, strawberries, homemade almond butter, coconut shavings with some almond milk. The oats I use are “Duchy Originals Oats and Barley Porridge”. I also throw in milled flaxseeds and some chia seeds as it is cooking. Always good to boost your food 🙂

Now it’s revision time!

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