Bank Holiday Monday

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Hello there!

Hope you all are well. It’s very frustrating that I started this blog during exams as I want to update it more but know that I should be focusing on my studies. I am doing my best with revising and everyone needs a little study break once in a while! So here I am, typing away!

I started the day off at the gym with some rowing and then did a little ab and arm workout. Again took  it easy but I really feel as though this exercise had helped me get considerably better (touch wood). It’s difficult to know when you body is okay to get back into normal exercise routines but all you can do is try and listen to how it reacts and stop if it isn’t feeling right. No point in pushing yourself and making yourself ill again.I have done that due to my impatience but it’s really not worth it…

Walking to the gym I was just blown away by how beautiful the trees are right now! I love spring and summer. It’s incredibly stunning with all the green trees and beautiful flower reawakening after the dreadful winter. I am definitely a summer person and I’m obsessed with the sun. Probably because I feel very sun deprived living in the UK and coming from Sweden 😛 Jamie’s and my dream is to live a warm country one day. I would be out and about all the time if the sun was shining! It’s incredible how much more energised I feel in comparison to when it’s cold and rainy.

Anyway, I’ve just had my dinner. On the menu tonight was some leftover sea trout and a huge tasty salad. Yum yum! Nice and light. I have to get back to revision now. This time in a week I will have ticked off one of my four exams and panic revising for my two the next day. Really not looking forward to having three exams in two days. At least I’ll have three of them done quickly but I’m getting really nervous!

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