Another day

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Wohoo! My body decided that it was time to get up at seven today even though I’m not working. So I got to the gym quite early today, which was just as well as I’ve got to get cracking with my studying. Today I was on the stair master for 15 minutes and then focused on the bum and the legs for the rest of my time there. Was at the gym for just over an hour and then headed home. It was nice and quiet when I arrived this morning. Too early for most students to be dragging themselves to the gym 😛 I guess exams is another reason.

Do you guys have a favourite time in they day to workout? Mine is by far the mornings. I love getting up, having a little something to eat and then head straight there. If I save it for the evenings or later i the day I always find plans pop up and other things tend to get in the way. If you’ve been in the morning you are prepared if anything else happens. Preparation and planning ahead is key!

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