My Friday afternoon

IMG_0200 IMG_0215

Thought I would check in again. So here is my afternoon in photos: frustration. I get very restless when I sit still and study and find incredibly difficult to keep my concentration up. So as a little break I was practicing handstands for a little while this afternoon. This is one of my new goals, I want to be able to do proper handstand with out a wall behind me. Right now it’s a headstand but I’m working on it.

Another goal is that I want to be able to do ten proper push ups. My arms are not very strong so that is something else I am going to start working more on. It’s fun to have small goals to strive towards when working out. I try to keep on challenging myself.

I let myself go and buy some fruit and veg as well to get some fresh air and now I am going back to my books. No excuses!

By the way, my legs and my bum are killing me today! My goodness, I feel like I look ridiculous when I walk as I cannot stretch my legs out. Everything is sore 😛 A good feeling though but painful at the same time.

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