Roots & Fruits

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I love my fruit and veg! It is something I have become even more obsessed with since I started eating more healthily and a good salad. Salads definitely don’t have be boring and  you feel incredibly nourished and light afterwards! I enjoy altering what kind of food Jamie and I eat at home as well, we have been eating more vegetarian and vegan food the last couple of months. Jamie was a bit skeptical towards it at first but after trying some amazing dishes he eventually realised that vegetarian and vegan food is really tasty! I’ll probably never (although you should never say never) become fully vegetarian or vegan because I am obsessed salmon and seafood ! I like other meat as well but I would not be able to live without salmon.

One of my treats sometimes is to go to our local fruit and veg shop Roots and Fruits. It is slightly more expensive than your average grocery shop even with your student discount but I love how everything feels so nice and fresh there. If I could I would spend all my money buying meat from the butcher’s, fish from the fish monger’s and fruit and veg from a market I would but in my current student life that cant really happen unfortunately. That is the dream though. I think it is very important what kind of veg and meat you eat and where it  has come from.

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