One of my snacks

photo 2 photo 4

One of my favourite snacks at the moment are Kallo’s Buckwheat, Corn and Wholegrain Rice Cakes. They are delicious! They are amazingly crunchy and seasoned with just the right amount of salt. My go to toppings right now are:

  • Homemade almond butter, half a banana with a sprinkle of cinnamon.
  • Some smashed avocado (I use a quarter but it depends on size), some Herbamare Herb salt (saves any dish), a bit of black pepper, a squeeze of lemon and finally some chilli flakes.
  • Or homemade houmous with some nice crispy red peppers or any other vegetable om top.

These are all vegan toppings (I’ve had some requests about vegan and vegetarian food ideas) but obviously if you want to have cheese or some smoked salmon on that works as well. The sky is the limit with these amazing rice cakes. I always make sure that they are wholegrain as it is a lot better for you than the standard white ones.

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