The hours I dreaded are now in the past

Hi my dears!

I cannot believe that my three exams are over. I am so incredibly relieved and find it difficult to grasp that it actually happened. I think I did okay in all of them. I really struggled with cramps in my arm. I am really bad for tensing my hand when writing, which after five hours of intense writing gets quite painful….

I am incredibly excited to think that there is only one exam next Friday and then third year is over!

So what are my plans now? I am contemplating to either go to the gym, go for a walk or just rest and save my energy for a super session tomorrow. It is difficult to determine sometimes what your body wants. I am probably just stressed still and will crash within the next half an hour :p 

Now with those three exams out of the way I’m very excited to focus on the blog more. I really want this to be something special so if you have any suggestions on what you would like to read about please tell me! 

By the way, did anyone know there was such a thing as hummus day? I  still have no idea how to spell hummus… I have googled the spelling even and everyone says differently. Either way, this day seems to have been made for me!

Speak to you later!

/Hummus obsessed Madeleine

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