Back at the gym

 Happy Sunday! 🙂
I started it off with a leg and bum session at the gym! Oh my, the burn!  It’s great feeling that I can now go for as long as I  like without feeling pressured to go home because of revision. Looking forward to pushing myself even harder. I’m considering starting going to boxing and yoga or pilates. I would love to try something different, we shall see what I end up doing! I used todo Muay Thai once a week at uni and really liked it so might loo up some places that do something similar. I just like the workout, don’t really want to do sparring.

Today’s plan is to hang out with Kajsa all day. I’ve missed her so much and been looking forward to this day a lot. I’ve been rinsing out my wardrobe for our move and she wants to come over and have a look at the clothes I’m getting rid of. The we’re heading into town for food, perhaps a browse in some shops and the cinema. A nice girly day 🙂

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