Good morning from up in Arisaig!

It’s so quiet up here that I slept like a log. I think it was definitely needed. Yesterday before we headed off I decided to surprise Jamie with a nice brunch-like breakfast before our long day on the road. 

We had smoked salmon in the fridge that needed to be  eaten as well as avocados, a perfect combination. Threw in some eggs as well and tadaa, a delicious meal. We also had mango, strawberries and nectarines that were needed to be eaten so those got made into a fruit salad. I think Jamie enjoyed it, I surely did ^^ It’s really nice to mix it up breakfast wise sometimes. I love my porridge and could eat it day in and day out but this is also another favourite 🙂

 So how is it up north? Quite windy and a bit cloudy but it doesn’t seem to be raining today anyway (touch wood). Let’s hope it stays that way!  Not entirely sure what the plan is today but we were going to look at some sights today. We were hoping to go on a boat to someplace that I can’t remember but I think it’s probably a bit too windy for that.

Either way it’s very nice and relaxing up here. Yesterday evening we went to the local pub and had dinner. I ordered their salmon and it was fantastic! Once back at our static caravan we spent the evening playing cards and drinking tea whilst watching the night draw in over the sea. 


Hope you all have a wonderful start to your week!


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It was sunny in Glasgow today and I was in a dress until around six in the evening! This is not a joke. It was really warm today! Today was cardio day at the gym for 40 minutes (didn’t have time for more). Then Jamie and I went to the old flat and fixed some final things before handing in the keys. So now it’s all sorted there. Later on, Jamie and I took his parents to Swedish Affär for a fika, they loved it. I had a cinnamon bun and some green tea whilst the other had sandwiches and were sharing a cinnamon bun. Jamie’s parents then had to go and meet up with Jamie’s sister and family so Jamie and I had a bit of time together before he started work. We had a juice at the Juice Garden pop up on Buchanan Street. Oh my, I’ve missed my juice, I asked for extra ginger in mine and wow, so good. I love my ginger! I am really considering to get my own juicer, that would me amazing to be able to do my own ginger shots.

Once Jamie and I parted ways I headed back to the West End for a late lunch with Elise and her boyfriend who are in town. We sat outside at Kember & Jones and I had their amazing goats cheese salad. We sat there for ages enjoying the sunny weather until I had to head home to pack and later on meet Emma and Kamila for dinner (Indian food). The food was amazing as always and afterwards Emma and Kamila came over for a little while to see our flat. They recently left and now I must continue packing. So yes a lot of socialising and eating today but very much worth it in this lovely weather 🙂

What am I packing for you may be asking yourselves? Well, Jamie, his dad and I are going up north to a caravan in Arisaig for a bit. Jamie’s dad is there for three weeks whilst we are there until Tuesday. I am so excited despite the fact that I’ve just realised that I really don’t have appropriate clothing for this… Oh well, I’ll make the best of the situation… Anyway, the updates may be a bit low as I’m not sure the internet will be working up there and I am going to make the most of my stay but I’m back on Tuesday evening!

Thai food and cocktail heaven

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Tiki Bar and Kitsch Inn did not disappoint when Jamie’s parents finally got the chance to see where their son works. I of course could not stay away from their delicious Thai yellow curry, I have promised myself that I will try something different next time  (I said that the last time I was there as well…). Once we finished lunch Jamie’s parents and I went to look in some shops for a while whilst Jamie started work. We came back a bit later when the bar was open and running to enjoy a little drink before they had to go and see some friends I was dropped off home. I tried their special they have on right now that Jamie’s colleague has come up with and it was amazing! Probably one of my new favourites. Hoping that they will keep serving it for a bit longer!

Our IKEA trip was quite successful by the way! We got quite a few items and as a house warming present Jami’s parents paid for a part of our things. Incredibly nice of them! We will definitely be going back soon to get a few more bits and pieces but it is a good start 🙂


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This was originally meant to be posted this morning but didn’t… Slightly annoying.


This morning I woke up nice and early despite the fact that I was off work. 7.10am to be exact… My body is an expert at sticking to routines when it comes to sleep. Since I have gotten into my work routine of getting up around seven for a period of time my body now thinks that that is the case everyday. Jamie on the other hand can sleep for forever if he does not set an alarm.

However, it did gave me plenty of time to get ready and get to the gym before Jamie’s parents arrived. Another plus was that the gym was very quiet when I arrived at 8.30 😛 An hour at the gym was all I could fit in today but I made the most of it! Of course I’ve just rewarded myself with a nice comforting bowl of porridge and yes there is a new addition in the bowl, blueberries. Soooo good!

When Jamie’s parents arrive we’re heading to IKEA to get some stuff for the flat and having a late lunch at Tiki Bar afterwards. It’s going to be a very nice day!