In the sky


 What a beautiful day to fly! Our Earth looks amazing from up here 🙂  I collapsed the first hour of the flight (so tired) and now it’s not long to go until we land in Edinburgh. So I’m currently sitting and munching on a banana and some unsalted cashews. I always try to bring some healthy snacks when I fly as I know that I have a tendency to be hungry :p Plus the airplane food is usually not the best. Always good to be prepared! I do it when I’m out and about as well, bring a banana or a Nakd bar or some nuts. Perfect to munch on when your starting to feel a bit peckish and want to avoid desperate food choices. We’ve all been there!

Anyway, I love that there are buses between Edinburgh airport and Buchanan Bus Station in Glasgow these days. It simplifies your trip considerably! 

I’m crossing my fingers that the weather in Scotland will be as amazing as weather I left in Sweden today. It would be nice to be out in the sun today before I’m back at work for Wednesday to Friday. 

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