Doctor Salad, Stockholm

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One thing I love about eating out in Stockholm is the amount of healthy options there are. One place I really enjoy going to is Doctor Salad. If you are in Stockholm you should definitely pay this place a visit. They sell the most fantastic salads! Unfortunately their falafel salad was sold out when Sanna and I were there so we went for their salmon salad, which I obviously did not mind haha. It tasted so ice and fresh and I did not want it to end! A lot of people have the opinion that salads are boring but I definitely think they are so tasty and you can be incredibly creative with what you put in them. Doctor Salad even sold the cute BKR water bottles that I want (you can see them in the picture)! However, I did not buy one as I want the bigger size. Too bad they weren’t selling them because you can only order them online from US…

So what have I been up to so far today? I went to the gym this morning, unfortunately when I went with my cousin last weekend I triggered something in my neck and got incredible pains. I thought they were gone as I have not noticed my neck since but they came back today. I have been having issues for ages with my neck and now it is worse than ever today. I think I will have to see someone next week and get this sorted once and for all. I finished my workout either way and did exercises that avoided me straining my neck and shoulders.

I’m soon going to have lunch and then meet up with Kajsa and walk into town. She needs to pick up some bits and pieces and I thought I would keep her company 🙂 Then tonight if my neck feels better I’m going to start packing but right now it does not feel like that’s going to happen…

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