Gym clothes

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Top: Bershka & Leggings: Fahionablefit for Nelly

Like most other girls I love clothes! It’s so much fun to express yourself in clothes and with your own personal style. I wouldn’t say my style is incredibly fashionable perhaps but I like dressing nicely and adapt the trends that I like. Since becoming more dedicated to exercising I’ve found a new love for workout clothes. There is so much out there and my workout wardrobe has gradually expanding the over two years I’ve been a bit of an exercise addict. I love that nice workout clothes have become more accessible through shops such as H&M and Bershka launching sportswear because I am on a student budget after all and as much as I would love for my wardrobe to be full with Lorna Jane, Nike and Under Armour I can’t quite afford that. I love everything from black to crazy colourful tops, it depends a bit on my mood I think. Dressing in gym clothes that make you feel good about yourself motivates you more and makes you look forward to your session a tad more, don’t you agree? šŸ™‚

I really feel I need to expand my clothing options but it will have to wait after all this moving madness! Maybe I will start posting some of the items I have been wanting lately? Tell me what you think!

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