Moving day!

Good morning my dears!

Today is the day, moving day! I am so excited and have been up for quite a while since I can’t sleep. I have been enjoying a big breakfast (getting ready for moving). No gym today since I’ve been 5 times this week and I think lifting stuff today will just about do it 😛 I am so excited! Tonight we will be sleeping in our own home Jamie and I . Our amazing friends are all coming at one to help us. We have offered beer and pizza for them in return. I’m not the biggest pizza fan so might try and find something else for me.

I have become completely obsessed with Desperate Housewives and it is amazing! How have I missed this show all these years? I have watched far too many episodes this past week… The bad thing about having Amazon Prime… You can at a click change to the next episode. Anyway, I am going to stop watching this now and get packing. Still have half of our kitchen stuff to pack…

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