Moved in!

           The view of Park Circus from our living room!


I am currently sitting in our kitchen and have just enjoyed my first pre workout snack in our new home. Yesterday’s move went really smoothly thanks to Jamie’s manager and all our friends who helped us out. We were both so grateful that they were able to help otherwise this would’ve taken us forever or wouldn’t have happened!

 It took just about two hours to move and once that was done we all collapsed in the living room.  Lifting things up to the third floor without a lift is quite the workout.

Jamie and I ordered pizza for everyone and I popped over to the shops on the way over to the new flat to get everyone beer. I used to love beer but that’s completely gone. Now I really can’t stand it. Strange how it changes like that. Anyway, Kajsa and I aren’t the biggest pizza fans so we ordered some salads to have as well as a couple of pizzas slices. They were really tasty but rather smallish. It took quite a while for the pizza to get delivered so by the time they arrived everyone threw themselves at them haha.

Once done a couple of us went grocery shopping for the essentials and food and then parted ways. Jamie and I have unpacked almost the entire kitchen and I’ve started to put my stuff away in the bedroom. So excited to get settled in and once we do I’ll take some proper pictures and post them here.

Now I’m off to the gym. I live further away from it now but should not be more than a 15 minute walk I’m thinking but we shall see.  So excited for a good leg workout! Then it’s unpacking all day and cleaning the old flat. Back at work tomorrow so really want to get as much done as possible. 

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