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This was originally meant to be posted this morning but didn’t… Slightly annoying.


This morning I woke up nice and early despite the fact that I was off work. 7.10am to be exact… My body is an expert at sticking to routines when it comes to sleep. Since I have gotten into my work routine of getting up around seven for a period of time my body now thinks that that is the case everyday. Jamie on the other hand can sleep for forever if he does not set an alarm.

However, it did gave me plenty of time to get ready and get to the gym before Jamie’s parents arrived. Another plus was that the gym was very quiet when I arrived at 8.30 😛 An hour at the gym was all I could fit in today but I made the most of it! Of course I’ve just rewarded myself with a nice comforting bowl of porridge and yes there is a new addition in the bowl, blueberries. Soooo good!

When Jamie’s parents arrive we’re heading to IKEA to get some stuff for the flat and having a late lunch at Tiki Bar afterwards. It’s going to be a very nice day!

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