Thai food and cocktail heaven

photo 1 photo 2 photo 4

Tiki Bar and Kitsch Inn did not disappoint when Jamie’s parents finally got the chance to see where their son works. I of course could not stay away from their delicious Thai yellow curry, I have promised myself that I will try something different next time  (I said that the last time I was there as well…). Once we finished lunch Jamie’s parents and I went to look in some shops for a while whilst Jamie started work. We came back a bit later when the bar was open and running to enjoy a little drink before they had to go and see some friends I was dropped off home. I tried their special they have on right now that Jamie’s colleague has come up with and it was amazing! Probably one of my new favourites. Hoping that they will keep serving it for a bit longer!

Our IKEA trip was quite successful by the way! We got quite a few items and as a house warming present Jami’s parents paid for a part of our things. Incredibly nice of them! We will definitely be going back soon to get a few more bits and pieces but it is a good start 🙂

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