Good morning from up in Arisaig!

It’s so quiet up here that I slept like a log. I think it was definitely needed. Yesterday before we headed off I decided to surprise Jamie with a nice brunch-like breakfast before our long day on the road. 

We had smoked salmon in the fridge that needed to be  eaten as well as avocados, a perfect combination. Threw in some eggs as well and tadaa, a delicious meal. We also had mango, strawberries and nectarines that were needed to be eaten so those got made into a fruit salad. I think Jamie enjoyed it, I surely did ^^ It’s really nice to mix it up breakfast wise sometimes. I love my porridge and could eat it day in and day out but this is also another favourite 🙂

 So how is it up north? Quite windy and a bit cloudy but it doesn’t seem to be raining today anyway (touch wood). Let’s hope it stays that way!  Not entirely sure what the plan is today but we were going to look at some sights today. We were hoping to go on a boat to someplace that I can’t remember but I think it’s probably a bit too windy for that.

Either way it’s very nice and relaxing up here. Yesterday evening we went to the local pub and had dinner. I ordered their salmon and it was fantastic! Once back at our static caravan we spent the evening playing cards and drinking tea whilst watching the night draw in over the sea. 


Hope you all have a wonderful start to your week!

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