Our Tuesday

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Hello everyone!

I started our Tuesday of our final week here in Javea with a mini workout in our room. A nice way to start the day! I’m not very good at keeping active when I’m on holiday but I find ways to do some form of exercise. In the evenings I do lengths in the pool and we go for walks at times.

Holidays are a time for rest and I try and not put pressure on myself to workout. I am really active when I’m at home so if I’m not as good when I’m abroad I think that’s okay. I do miss exercising but then I know that I will get back into routine once I’m back in Glasgow. When I’m Sweden I’ve been a lot better at going to the gym but it’s more accessible than here in Javea.

The entire day almost was spent on the beach. First, Jamie and I were there lying in the sun and reading. I went in the sea (Jamie thinks it’s too cold, which it definitely isn’t!). It is apparently one of the hottest summers in Spain in years here and yesterday it was boiling! So froyo was a must. I love it with lots of fresh fruit.

In the evening we went back to the beach to watch Mamma Mia there, dubbed in Spanish. Luckily, the songs were in English still! I have to sing along when I watch that film. When it was in the cinemas I think I saw it two or three times, it makes me so happy. I love how it spreads joy and happiness.

The atmosphere was incredible and the beach was absolutely packed. We sat there in our shorts at ten in the evening and did not freeze one bit. Incredible! If only you could watch films like this all the time.

We enjoyed some freshly made pizza for dinner whilst watching the film. Not really a fan of pizza but this pizza is probably the most tasty one I’ve ever had. Jamie’s mum and I shared a smoked salmon, prawn and anchovy pizza.

Morning yoga

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So after a couple of days of relaxing and sitting still, it was about time I did some form of exercise or movement. I have been swimming laps in the pool and doing shorter workouts in our room but I do miss going to the gym. When Jamie’s mum suggested we should go to a yoga class by the beach I could not say no!

The yoga is at a beach bar called La Siesta in Javea and you have an amazing view of the sea. The class was very mixed and the instructor, Fran, was amazing. She made you feel welcome straight away and walked around encouraging and helping everyone to do better. The class was very mixed, people of all ages and with different levels of experience. There even was a little girl there with her mum, which I thought was incredibly cute. What a nice activity to do together.

I haven’t practiced yoga since last summer when I did Bikram for a month. They had an offer 30 pounds for 30 days but after that month was over it was too expensive to continue. It was really sad as I tuly enjoyed those sweaty classes. It was amazing how quickly you progressed.

I felt a bit stiff to say the least during this class. Afterwards I decided that I really should look into going to yoga once a week just to mix it up. I think it is quite important when you lift a lot of weights to let your body stretch and recover. I would love to be more flexible!

Anyway, if you are in Javea and are interested, Fran’s classes are at La Siesta at 9.30 am everyday of the week (from what I gathered) and there are extra classes during the summer on Tuesday and Thursdays at 8 am. The classes are an hour and are 7 euros.

Jamie’s mum and I have decided that we will make time to go back for another class before Jamie and I leave. Really looking forward to it!

Saturday night

Hello my dears!

Can’t believe it’s already Monday! Time  is flying by at lightning speed. On Saturday Jamie and I went out for a delicious dinner at Lungo Mare. 

We were glad we booked a table because Javea was absolutely mobbed with people out for the Saturday evening. It was amazing to see so many families out late for a nice meal. 

The pasta was just amazing as always! Only ever really eat pasta out when I’m at Lungo Mare. Jamie ordered a delicious pizza. I rarely say that about pizza, not a huge fan… But that pizza was heavenly! 

When we left the restaurant just before eleven there were still people queuing outside!

After dinner we met up with Jamie’s friend Mark, his girlfriend and a friend of all of them for drinks. I had some fantastic cocktails. As I rarely drink I decided to splurge a bit and had cocktails 🙂 We ended up at Achill, one of Javea’s nightclubs overlooking the ocean. 

Jamie and I were exhausted and did not stay for very long haha. I think we got to bed around 5.30. That is very late for being me :p

Now I’m just getting ready for yoga. Jamie’s mum and I are going to go this morning and I’m so excited 🙂

More sunny days


Amazing freshly caught fish from the harbour for lunch. Delicious!






Goodness, with this internet. It has taken me absolutely forever to upload these photos from the other day! Now I only have a minute to write and publish this post before we have to leave for dinner. We’ve got dinner reservations at Lungo Mare (amazing Italian place) down by the beach.

Afterwards we are meeting up with Jamie’s friend Mark for drinks and we shall what happens after that 🙂 I am looking forward to some tasty cocktails!

I’ll try and write a bit longer tomorrow! Have a fantastic evening everyone x