Portnadoran Caravan Site, Arisaig


IMG_0694 IMG_0546 IMG_0710


photo 1



After a lot of driving we finally arrived in Arisaig and Portnadoran Caravan Site. The campsite was just amazing and the view form the caravan we got to stay in was absolutely beautiful. I could not believe it that we would have such an amazing view of the sea during our stay. I sat staring out the window when I ate my breakfast everyday! We had the beach just by the caravan and an island that you could walk to when the tides were low and it turned into a beautiful white sandy beach. When the sun popped out the water turned a beautiful turquoise. We spent some of our time up in Arisaig collecting sea shells to put in a big glass candle holder we got from Jamie’s parents. I love that we brought something nice from our trip. Now we just need a candle…

I have never stayed in a static caravan before and I thought it was just like staying in a boat really. Basic but just the the amount space and equipment you need. Absolutely perfect. The campsite was fairly simple and had toilet, showers and laundry facilities so nothing over the top such as huge swimming pools that I’ve heard some camping sites have. It was clearly a place people go to enjoy nature and relaxing. I loved it! The woman that greeted us was incredibly friendly and helpful as well.

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