The day we got to see the “Hogwarts Express”

IMG_0576 IMG_0577 IMG_0578 IMG_0584 IMG_0586 IMG_0589 IMG_0596 IMG_0601 IMG_0605 IMG_0593

More photos from our trip!

Another highlight from it was definitely seeing The Jacobite or the Hogwarts Express as I call it… It is the steam train that I mentioned earlier and we managed to time it so we got to see it from a bridge just before it arrived at Mallaig. It was magical seeing it come in (yes I am a Harry Potter nerd..) and as soon as it had driven by we got in the car and drove into Mallaig to see it up close. I was very excited. What a beautiful old train and it looked incredibly cosy in the carriages. It would be fun to go on it one day. Jamie seemed quite excited as well although he didn’t quite show it as much as I did 😛

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