Snack and food tip 


Hi there! 

Another little food tip to stay healthy on the go is to pop into Prêt a Manger. They have got a mix of healthy and less healthy options. Of course it is important to read what is in the food and choose wisely 🙂

I love their salads and also that they make them in different sizes. Another go to choice are their little protein pots, I always have their crayfish, edamame bean and egg one. Perfect when you want a snack in town and you’ve forgotten to bring something with you. 

I was surprised today to see they have started selling cold pressed juices!! Is this new? They had cold press ginger shots and I was in heaven. I adore ginger shots! They are so amazing and of course I could not keep myself from buying one. It was delicious and quite strong. I couldn’t keep myself from trying their cold press coconut water either. One question though, why is it pink? I’ve never seen this before and on the bottle it said 100% coconut water so I have no idea why this could be. Do any of you know? Would love to know!

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