Holiday shopping

After lunch at Papercup with Jamie’s dad yesterday, Jamie and I got a ride from him to Braehead to stroll in the shops of the big shopping centre. The sales are on so we thought, why not? 

I ended up getting some bits for Spain. For me a good book is super important. It ruins my trip if I do not have anything to read with me. 

So, Giovanna Fletcher’s latest book was finally purchased. I’ve read her previous two and really liked them so I’ve got high expectations for this one! I’m sure it won’t disappoint. I might end up getting another book as I swallow them whole when I’m out lying in the sun. 

My other two holiday buys were some new earphones (my old ones kept on changing the volume because of something wrong with the wire connecton) and some new flip flops. Of course music is a must when relaxing in the sun. Maybe not the most exciting purchase but definitely necessary plus I need them for the gym because what is the gym without some pumping music?

I have been wanting new pair of flip flops for ages since I am still using my work ones from my time at Hollister.. So again, time for an upgrade on that front. I have been eyeing Havainanas for quite some time and yesterday a pair finally became mine. 

Thank god for student discount! Only ten percent but it makes a difference. So now my feet are all ready for the beach with a wonderful beige and golden pair. They will look amazing with tanned feet.

Jamie left a lot happier with a new pair of trainers. They are so nice that I am considering buying the women’s version. Maybe that is a bit too much… 

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