PT Session

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Hi everyone!

So it is about time I told you about my amazing PT session yesterday. I was really excited to have someone push me and give me a bit of motivation. Andy was incredible! Super outgoing and made you feel comfortable straight away. We did loads of different things.

We focused on legs and I FINALLY learned how to do deadlifts. I have been wanting to know how to do one for ages but haven’t quite gotten the technique  right. It was very helpful having Andy help me by pointing out how to adjust myself to do it properly and after a couple of reps I was lifting 40 kg! That was a great feeling!

The funny thing in the photo was new to me as well. I have never seen one before. You are meant to run and push it back and forth. The red handles you push from first and on the way back you push with the black handles. The black handles were really tiresome! You can put on more weights on it, which Andy did. At the end, my legs were getting really tired but it was so much fun. Who would’ve thought something as boring as cardio could be that fun?

I had mentioned at some point through the session that I would love try and lift a tractor tyre at some point. Andy then told me that they have them out on the gym’s roof terrace so we finished off with me lifting tractor tyres. That was really fun as well!

Using a lot of “fun” in this post but it really was 😛

I enjoyed my hour loads and did not want to leave! Andy updated a really nice Tweet about my session, really nice of him 🙂

I think I might have to look into getting a personal trainer who I meet up withe once or twice a month just to get a motivational boost and to teach me new ways to exercise and how to improve. We will see what I think once I’m back from Spain.

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