Back in my happy place

photo 2 photo 1

It was an amazing feeling being back in the gym yesterday. It closed early on Saturday, when we arrived so I went for a nice power walk instead. On Sunday I was so excited to get back to exercising. I stayed for an hour and a half. I just could not leave! I worked my core mainly. The gym was dead so I went to the main weight room and took advantage of it not being overcrowded for once. The carried on to my regular workout spot.

I bought this top from Bershka during our trip. I love buying new gym clothes. It is amazing how motivated a little thing like that can motivate you even more to getting back to exercising. How great is the colour? A nice light coral. Lovely during the summer when you have a nit of a tan 🙂

Woke up this morning with very sore muscles. Love that feeling of success, that you’ve pushed yourself.

Cannot wait to go back tonight. Leg day!

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