Our last days in Spain

photo 1 photo

Date night, tapas in the old town.

photophoto 4 photo 2 photo 4

Jamie ordering a salad in a restaurant. It was a big day!

photo 2

Sunny on the beach but very cloudy a bit further away..

photo 3

Watermelon juice, one of my my favourite drinks in the world.photo 1

Beach day

Hello my lovelies!

I am back in Glasgow and now when it’s a new week I decided that it was time to get back to business. The internet in Spain was just horrible so it was just not worth it in the end unfortunately. We had an amazing trip and really did not want to leave.

We had beach days full of sunshine, sea and delicious food. It was so nice spending time with Jamie’s family and seeing Jamie’s friend Mark and his new girlfriend. We definitely needed this trip to relax and rest.

Now when we’re back in Glasgow it is less than a month until we go to Nice. I am lucky to be celebrating my 23rd birthday there with Jamie. I have spent nearly every single summer since my family moved back to Europe in France. I have now not been to France since I started uni and I cannot wait to go back to Nice. I want to show Jamie around everywhere!

I cannot wait to eat a proper French croissant :p

But until then, I am back at the gym and back to my normal eating habits. That is one of the few things I miss when travelling. Just get back on that horse, it is a great feeling after been sitting around a lot and perhaps overindulging a bit at times 😛 However, I truly believe that is necessary for your well-being as well.

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