Merchant City Festival

photo 1
Some of the food stalls

photo 2
Getting a photo of this guy is not always the easiest thing
photo 3
This is how happy food makes me.
photo 1
Tontine Lane

photo 2

photo 3
More food stalls.

photo 4
Dutch pancakes in the making! Never had them before, absolutely delicious.


Jamie and I have always managed to time our trips so we miss the festivals here in Glasgow. This time we finally managed to go to one, the Merchant City Festival. We were there on Sunday, the final day. We are rarely in that part of Glasgow so it was a good excuse to discover more of this area. The streets were full of stalls selling mainly food but also arts and crafts.

We were super excited for the food, as we are a bit food obsessed. there were so many choices it took us a while to see what all the stalls had to offer. We finally settled on sharing a a Greek Gyros (you all know by now that I love Greek food), a vegetable Moroccan curry and finished off with Dutch pancakes.

Good thing I’m back to my normal eating habits this week 😛

We also managed to find a man selling olives stuffed with almonds and garlic. Just like our favourites in Spain. We didn’t consider that they would be a lot more expensive here… 8.48 pounds for a little tub! He also said that he would round up the price to 8.50. How very generous of him! Absolutely ridiculous.

Anyway, we will just have appreciate them a little extra than usual. I have tried a couple and they were delicious! So sort of worth it.

Tonight Jamie and I are going to a concert. Our first concert together. Kate Voegele and Tyler Hilton are in Glasgow and as I am a former One Tree Hill fan I am very excited. Jamie is incredible for going with me. None of my friends wanted to go with me hehe. I think they’ll be amazing live.

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