Excuse the mess in the background (all the stuff on the floor is Jamie’s :p). The joys of living with a guy 😉



My legs and bum were so sore this morning. It’s funny how that can just kick in all of a sudden out of nowhere pretty much. I still managed to get to the gym. Nothing can stop me getting there!

Took it a bit easier today and tomorrow is rest day. I’m meeting up with Fie after work, which I’m really looking forward to.

I’ve also managed to skype my family who are in Nice at the moment. I really miss them and it made me so happy to talk to them. It doesn’t happen as much as I would like but I guess it makes it even more special when I do get to talk to them.

The afternoon was spent at the council sorting out council tax and then grocery shopping. I accidentally misread the map and we ended up in the wrong place first but we found the council offices in the end :p

We are now just relaxing and watching some TV. Tomorrow we’re both back at work and Jamie is going to be working non-stop the entire weekend it seems so we are just enjoying our time together right now.

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