Dinner yesterday

photo 1I really need to take better food photos… Sorry about the horrible quality. A small bit of naan on the side, tasty!



Sorry for the lack of updates all day. Was at work and then I met up with Fie and Josh at Brel once I finished. The weather was nice and sunny (for once) so what sat outside catching up and desperately absorbing the sun rays šŸ˜› It’s amazing that they are both back! I have missed them loads. Jamie is working this evening so he missed out on the fun.

Yesterday we cooked one of our favourite meals. It is so delicious. I can’t remember whether I have shared it before. It’s from the food blog Pinch of Yum’s Red Lentil Curry.

We do makes some healthier adjustments to the recipe by adding honey instead of sugar (I do not like cooking with sugar), we use chopped tomatoes instead of all that tomato puree and I prefer cooking with a dash of olive oil instead of butter.

It is absolutely delicious and even more amazing the next day. Both of us had it as lunch boxes today at work.


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