Dinner time!



Jamie is finally back in Glasgow. I missed him so much the two days he was away. Just so used to having him around. I didn’t properly see him until I finished work today and I passed by his work. I got butterflies from just seeing him. It’s crazy that we’ve been going out for so long and it never goes away. I won’t be seeing him properly until Sunday as he’s going to be living at work more or less today and tomorrow. Makes it even more special when we do see each other I suppose.

I’m just on my way out. It’s my friend Kamila’s birthday and we are all going out for Thai food. I am so excited because I loooove Thai food. Been looking forward to this all week!

I have already looked at the menu and there are too many choices. No idea what I will choose. Am I the only one that has to mentally prepare for a restaurant visit by looking at their menu? 😛

I am really excited to spend some time with my friends and having a nice evening.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Friday xx

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