My Holland & Barrett shop


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Good morning my dears!

Just on my way to the gym but couldn’t wait to show you the new things I got from Holland & Barrett. I got some of the usual stuff, almonds and Nakd bars. Then I noticed that they have finally started stocking bean pasta! They had three kinds, one of the other ones was entirely edamame beans but a lot thinner. I prefer a bit thicker pasta so I went for the fettuccine instead.

This made me maybe a bit more excited than it should. Kajsa looked at med a bit strangely when she saw the happy look on my face because of some pasta. I’ve seen loads of people try bean pasta and I’ve really been wanting to give it a try for ages so we will see how it goes.

I will definitely write a little review on what I think of it when I get a chance to try it 🙂

You all know that I am obasessed with porridge but I wanted to broaden my porridge horizons, which is where the amaranth comes in. Not new to H&B but new to me. This is also something I’ve read quite a bit about on other blogs and I thought it could be fun to mix it up a bit.

I’m planning to make some amaranth porridge after my workout and again writing a little review on what I think 🙂

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

Speak to you later x

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