Sorry for the lack of updates today! Been working and after work it’s been incredibly hectic these past two days. Right now I am just on my way to a meeting with the rest of the board members of the Marketing Society. We have some interviews to do for the Treasurer position before uni starts again and we have to start running this new society, exciting!

After the meeting I am going straight to the gym. I really don’t like going to the gym late but it is the only way I can fit in today and tomorrow I’m out for dinner for Fie’s birthday dinner. Your really have to plan your time well when your days and evenings are busy… It is the only way you can fit in your workouts. It does really help and you can always find time somewhere. Even if you have to cut your trip to the gym short 🙂 It is better than no workout.

I really have to get ready to leave now but I will speak to you soon!

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