Afternoon Tea at Swedish Affär

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Hello my dears!

I had an amazing day with my friends yesterday. We’ve had a couple of voucher deals that we bought ages ago to go to Swedish Affär for an afternoon tea. We’ve been trying to meet up all summer but everyone has been so busy! We got these massive sandwiches to start and were allowed to choose any cake or bun. The sandwiches were amazing, full off loads of toppings. Not the healthiest haha, but incredibly tasty. The bun I chose on the other hand was really not nice. It tasted of yeast and I could not eat it. You could tell that it really wasn’t baked thoroughly and it was super dense instead of nice fluffy on the inside. Very disappointing unfortunately and some of my friends who also ordered one said the same…

After the food we spent the afternoon in town and ended up at Bier Halle. My friends ordered some beers and I had a glass of wine for the first time since Spain. We ended up deciding to go out later, a very rare occurrence for me these days 😛

It was fun going out although I would never want to do it on a weekly basis… Whilst it can be fun I sit here today thinking, it would be nice to go to the gym today 😛 but my head is not entirely agreeing with me. I’m definitely not incredibly hungover but wouldn’t want to workout and strain my body either. It would just cause more harm to my body than doing any good really. Well, it was fun and it doesn’t happen often for me that I go out and have a couple of drinks. I’ll just have to go for a nice long walk later on today to stretch my legs and get some fresh air.

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