Review: Unoco Raw Coconut Water

photo 1

So I found a new addition in my local grocery shop the other day. I love testing out new products and this coconut water caught my eye. I’ve tried a lot of different brands by now in search for the perfect coconut water and some of them taste absolutely terrible. Vita Coco has been my favourite, the only one I’ve liked so far.

I love the packaging of Unoco, it really sticks out from the other brands with its cute look. One their website they say that the bottle is the only way for the water to retain all its natural properties when its not served fresh from the coconut.

The drink is a lovely light pink, it apparently happens sometimes to coconut water naturally. Since its raw Unoco does not last as long as the other coconut waters out there. However saying that, the one that I got was good until the beginning of September and let’s be honest, it would never be in my fridge for that long 😛

Unoco tasted heavenly. I really loved it and it beat all the other brands I’ve tried by miles! It tastes slightly sweet and super refreshing. Even Jamie who is usually not a fan of coconut water had a couple of sips and said he really liked it as well. It disappeared way too quickly and now writing about it I am getting a huge craving for it… Might have to run out and get some.

You have to try this drink!

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