Good morning!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Another day,

It has been so busy lately and I’ve barely had a chance to open my laptop after work. The days before going away on holiday are hectic! I’m off to work in a bit but just wanted to say hi to all of you 🙂 After work I shall be entertaining myself with some last minute packing and cleaning.

I have to try and get to bed early as possible today because we have to leave for the airport at 3.30 am tomorrow morning… Edinburgh Airport, explains why it’s so ridiculously early 😛 Poor Jamie won’t be getting any sleep after work but we both know it’ll be worth it when we arrive in the warmth.

I cannot wait to be there!!

These photos are from Sunday, Jamie’s and my delicious brunch we threw together and my sunny  (a rare occurrence this summer) afternoon in the park. Our fridge was empty so I grabbed some baby carrots and hummus on the way. Great snacky food 🙂

Anyway, need to get going now! Blogging will be better in Nice, thank you for being so patient with me everyone ❤

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