The Nice life

Hello everyone!

Liking the lovely photos Jamie took of me this morning? :p 

Life is amazing down here on the riviera. Jamie and I have been spending time on the beach. Eating amazing food and enjoying the sun. We’ve been cycling (having cycling races) into Central Nice in the evenings and strolling around the streets of the old town.

I might’ve had a few too many croissant and baguettes haha. I haven’t been here for three years so I’m making up for lost time. They are just so good which is why only ever have them here.

I’ll be posting more photos from my birthday soon. We had one of the most delicious meals ever!

Tomorrow we’re hoping to go to Monaco for the day. Jamie’s never been and since it’s so close I think it’s definitely a must! 

Now I’m going to get back to my book here in the sun. I’ve just finished The Understudy by the same author as One Day (really can’t remember his name right now) and started reading P.S. I Love You. I love the film but have not had the chance to read the book yet so I’m really excited!

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