Overcoming your boundaries


Hi everyone!

The past couple of days I have done some stuff that I didn’t really think I would’ve dared to do inte past. On Saturday I filmed for GUCFS and on Monday we had our big event for our society where I had to speak in front of 50 people.

When I was younger this never would’ve been an issue for me. I always loved doing presentations, I spoke in front of my entire school at assemblies, I was in singing competitions and loads of other things. With age I’ve become a lot more cowardly and I really can’t pinpoint down when it changed or why it changed. There hasn’t been a defining moment. It’s just something that gradually happened and one day last year I was wondering, why am I acting like this? Why am I not throwing myself out there more? It’s my life, why am I not making the most of it?

It was around this time I was approached by GUCFS to go to their castings for their charity fashion show. I was really nervous and wasn’t sure about going but decided to go with some friends anyway. I decided there and then that me being scared or nervous about something shouldn’t stop me from something I want to do. I ended being chosen for the fashion show and had the time of my life doing it. I had to do photoshoots and walk down a long catwalk, I was very uncomfortable at first but eventually got to a point where I found more confidence in myself. What if I wouldn’t have dared to even show up to the castings? I would’ve missed on this opportunity.

This Saturday I was filming for the society, a promo to get more people come to castings. I was again quite nervous as I had never been filmed before. I look quite uncomfortable in the video, but who cares? I did my best and if I ever have to do it again, it won’t be as scary (hopefully).

On the topic of getting out of your comfort zone, we had our event on Monday for our society. I was incredibly nervous because we were speaking without any notes on us, no safety blanket. I could feel my heart beating as I opened my mouth but it actually went really well. A lot better than I thought it would go so next time I might feel a bit more confident when doing public speaking.

What I wanted to say with this post is that I think it is healthy for us to get out of our comfort zones once in a while. Sometimes you get too comfortable in the way things are and you might be missing out on an amazing opportunity to learn, grow and even find something you turn out to love.

We need to grow and challenge ourselves, which is why I’m hoping to soon go wall climbing, which I also used to enjoy when I was younger until I got scared of heights. We’ll see when that happens 🙂

Good luck with your challenges everyone! Let’s overcome them together!

Here is the promo video if you’re curious 😛

Cookbooks I love

I have a confession to make, I’m a bit cookbook obsessed. Jamie has realised this obsession and has made it a tradition to buy me a cookbook for either my birthday or Christmas. I love skimming through them and getting inspired. Yes, you can Google or go on Pinterest but there is just something  bout opening a cookbook with amazing pictures, that the Internet just can’t beat in my eyes.

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m a Pinterester as well (you can follow me here) but I love books! That’s never going to change.

These are three of my gems. They are my healthy inspiration and I’ve learnt so much from them. They are all amazing in their own way and I couldn’t function without them now.


Deliciously Ella, Ella Woodward


As I’ve mentioned before. I decided a couple of months ago to start eating more vegan and vegetarian food. For anyone starting a similar journey or who’s considering becoming a full time vegan I think this is a great book. Ella offers lots of information and also benefits of different foods. What I love about her food that a lot of it is incredibly quick to make. Ella’s recipes are created to feed armies it feels like, a lot of her meals last as leftovers for days, which is great!

The only downfall with the book is the layout, I still don’t quite understand the logic behind it but it’s really a minor detail and I still love this book.

Nourish, Lorna Jane


The is book is from the woman who started Lorna Jane (the Australian activewear brand, love them!). It’s an incredible book with lots of inspiration, motivation, incredible recipes and colourful photos. There is definitely a hint of Asian inspiration in a lot of the recipes, which I adore (I love Asian food and flavours).

The only issue I would say is the complicated ingredients list at times but If you plan in advance it shouldn’t be a problem.

Get the Glow, Madeleine Shaw


And finally, Miss Shaw and her wonderful book “Get the Glow” is my latest addition in my healthy cookbook collection. Her book is just stunning and I love how her glowing personality shines through the book. She loves comfort food and it shows in her book with her making healthified versions of your typical comfort meals. There are dishes such as Indian curries, beef stews and a lot of veggie options as well. If you are looking for a book that has a mix of different kinds of food, this is your book.

(Ella and Madeleine are both currently working on their second books and I can’t wait to get my hands on them!)

These are all books I love and I hope that you will enjoy them as much as I do! xxx

My Sunday

photo 1 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

Hello lovelies!

How have all your Sundays been? I’ve had a great day so far. For the first time in weeks I slept for almost 9.5 hours. It felt amazing and I can’t believe that I managed to actually sleep for that long. I guess I was really in need of that. I then headed for the gym and did legs. It was amazing to feel the burn and at the end I was dripping of sweat! That’s when you know you’ve pushed yourself. Have you guys done any exercise today? Please tell me what you did!

At twelve we had a brunch date. I was really excited for Ellie to meet my friends Emma and Kamila. We had an amazing time at Papercup and time just flew by. Afterwards Jamie went to work and everyone else a part from Emma and I went their separate ways. We decided to go for a walk since it was sort of sunny outside. It was lovely and we ended up walking for almost two hours. Time just flew by since we couldn’t stop talking! It was great getting some fresh air and I love that I had such an active day, it really has a great impact on my mood. Wish all days could be like that 🙂

Now I’m home and getting some cleaning done before the start of a new week tomorrow. I need to get some studying done as well.

I’ll talk to you soon xxx


What a day!

photo 1
My tasty snack this afternoon!

photo 5
As soon as I got home I grabbed my closest comfy clothes and collapsed on the sofa!



I hope your Saturday has been great so far. My yoga class this morning was amazing. A girl called Philippa was teaching today and she was absolutely brilliant! It was my favourite yoga class I’ve had ever. I’m really considering starting to go to her classes because she was just incredible. They are five pounds per session at Dance Glasgow in the West End.

It’s funny, two years ago I would never have thought that I would become a yoga person. I just never really understood what people loved about it. Probably because I had never tried it properly. Then I tried Bikram yoga for a month and fell in love. After my month trial I unfortunately couldn’t afford it anymore, Bikram yoga is expensive… It’s also incredibly time consuming as the class is 1.5 hours and you need to wash your hair after every class since you are soaked in your own sweat. So it would probably be three hours of your day. So I stopped and put my yoga interest on hold.

A year later I went to yoga with Jamie’s mum in Spain and that’s where I realised how much I’d missed it. It’s so challenging and relaxing at the same time. For a person like me who never stops thinking, planning ahead and who goes to bed with a million thoughts in my head every evening, it’s amazing to have an hour where you put everything on paus. Going to the gym sort of helps but yoga is even better. It’s my hour of relaxation. I love the feeling of pushing myself but in a different way from a regular workout. That’s probably why I loved Philippa’s class so much today as it was more physically challenging.

Anyway, the rest of my day flew by! Filming went better than I thought and it was amazing seeing everyone again after the summer. I’m hoping I can get involved with the charity fashion again! It was definitely the highlight of uni life last year. Afterwards I met Jamie quickly for a juice at Juice Garden before he had to head to work.

As soon as I got home I put on my comfiest clothes and now I’m sitting in the living room just relaxing and doing some work whilst throwing some washes on. Just the fun usual stuff…

Have a fantastic evening everyone and make the most of it, whether it is having a film marathon or going out partying. It’s Saturday night after all! xx