Turning 23

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We’re back home in Glasgow and life is slowly getting back to normal. Uni is starting in just over two weeks and slowly we will be getting back into routine.

Our Nice trip was an absolute dream! To be there with Jamie was something I have been dreaming about for so long and finally I had the chance to show him this beautiful place. To celebrate my birthday there with him was just amazing.

We enjoyed an amazing walk in the morning, a delicious breakfast, a lovely day on the beach and a heavenly dinner at Bistrot D’Antoine in the evening. Oh my god, that meal. The food was just perfect and the staff were amazing. We were so lucky to get a table outside. I loved sitting there people watching and sipping on amazing French wine with my man. It is probably our best meal out ever we concluded.

Our starters were delicious (I had an avocado and prawn dish and Jamie had a veal salad). We had duck as our main, which was so tasty! The only letdown was the dessert. We really didn’t think they were anything special and would’ve been happier without them.

Anyhow, I almost didn’t want to write about this place because it’s already insanely difficult to get a table and don’t want more people finding out about it but now you know 😛

After a meal we went for a stroll around the centre before we got on our bikes and cycled home. It was a perfect day.

Jamie gave me a card that teared me up. His cards always do 😛 From him, apart from my early gifts, I got to choose some items from Lorna Jane (one of my favourite active wear brands). I still haven’t decided on what I want to get… Once we got home from Nice, another gift waited which I will show you soon and another is on its way apparently. He is definitely spoiling me!

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