Back in action

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Monday and the start of a new week, in seven days I’ll be back in the lecture hall. My final year of university is quickly approaching. Keep calm Maddie… I’m actually quite excited about going back and get back to work.

I’m FINALLY back at the gym properly and it feels sooo good! Goodbye cold and hello exercise!! I had a great leg and bum workout yesterday and today I felt like I was walking like a duck or cowboy at the office. What a great feeling, sore muscles, the feeling of achievement and that you’ve pushed yourself. Also, isn’t it amazing how happy you feel at the end of a workout? It was a bit frustrating not feeling as strong as usual but the good news is that your body quickly regains its strength!

I met up with my sister after work today to catchup and hear how her first days of uni life is treating her and she’s loving it! It’s weird how easy it’s to see her now but amazing of course. I introduced her to the wonderfulness of Holland & Barrett and made sure that she got herself a loyalty card. It’s an absolut essential if you live in the UK! She seemed to enjoy her visit there and left with a huge bag to stock up her kitchen cupboard with, she’s my sister after all 😉

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