Birthday presents!

IMG_1163   IMG_1202


So one of Jamie’s birthday presents for me, as I mentioned was new workout clothes. There are a couple of brands I really love and one is Lorna Jane. Unfortunately House of Fraser has been all out of my size for a while but finally they had a top in that I really liked and in my size! So we ordered it for me 🙂 I was so excited to get my hands on it. The back is amazing but forgot to take a photo of it haha. I’ll get one soon!

Lululemon has recently opened a showroom in Glasgow and I’m loving their clothes! I visited the showroom a while ago and wanted everything. I’ve been needing a new pair of shorts for quite sometime so I decided the second item for my present would be these amazing shorts! I absolutely love the pattern and the fact that they pockets on the side (perfect for putting my phone in during my workout). They also sit nice and tight so they they don’t move about as much when you are working out, which is a huge bonus. Jamie had to force me out almost after we’d paid because I kept finding new things I wanted to try on…

As you can seem I went for a bit of a blue theme. I don’t have any workout clothes in blue and I thought it was time to add some blue to my workout wardrobe.

I have one item left to choose for my birthday and I’m feeling very indecisive 😛 We’ll see what it will be, Lorna Jane or Lululemon? I can’t make up my mind, love all their clothes.

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