A heavenly meal

IMG_8006 IMG_8018

A while ago Jamie and I managed to get our hands on some local organic beetroots plus some fresh smoked mackerel. I got oddly excited about this as anything organic makes me ridiculously happy. If I had my way I would stroll along farmers markets every time I had to go grocery shopping but unfortunately I am yet to find one close to where I live… It is such a different feeling buying it straight of the hands of the ones who have grown the vegetables and fruit.

We were intrigued by the wonderful colours of the beetroots what got. I’m used to the deep purple that it usually is. We were very excited to see if there was any huge difference in taste when it was cooked. I felt as though the flavours were slightly lighter than the usual beetroot and you could tell it was nice and fresh. It tasted amazing. The mackerel was fantastic as well, and almost tasted like the mackerel I get in Sweden. Although, I don’t think anyone could beat that mackerel!

So my question is, do any of you know of any framers markets in Glasgow? I would love to know 🙂

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