Salmon heaven

IMG_8045 IMG_8033
We are incredibly photogenic….


We got there in the end sort of. No idea why I’m tilting my head backwards!

Hello 🙂

I haven’t written much about when my sister and her boyfriend stayed over here at ours. It was amazing seeing them again. On one of the days before they moved into halls we took them to one of my favourite places in Merchant City. Jamie had never been there before either. As you might remember Kajsa was the one who showed me Wilson Street Pantry and since that day I can’t get their food of my mind.

They serve lovely breakfast and lunch food and have a license for anyone who fancies a little drink with their meal. For anyone craving brunch in the afternoon, they serve breakfast until 5pm I found out. Always good to know!

Anyway, what I wanted to share was my love for this smoked salmon salad. It was salmon overload! There wasn’t one kind of salmon but two! Cold AND hot smoked salmon. The salad was absolutely huge and I’m glad that I was hungry so I could enjoy the entire thing.

Ellie had a tomato and mozzarella salad, which was amazing as well. The boys had a already had a snack before and decided to go for some deli platters. You can build your own deli platters, which is a great idea since you therefore get exactly what you want as well as decide on the size. I always find that there are some things you don’t want when you order platters so this is great solution. Strange that not more places offer this.

I have to go back soon. Just writing about this meal makes my mouth water… You all need to go there! Okay? 🙂

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