My Sunday

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Hello lovelies!

How have all your Sundays been? I’ve had a great day so far. For the first time in weeks I slept for almost 9.5 hours. It felt amazing and I can’t believe that I managed to actually sleep for that long. I guess I was really in need of that. I then headed for the gym and did legs. It was amazing to feel the burn and at the end I was dripping of sweat! That’s when you know you’ve pushed yourself. Have you guys done any exercise today? Please tell me what you did!

At twelve we had a brunch date. I was really excited for Ellie to meet my friends Emma and Kamila. We had an amazing time at Papercup and time just flew by. Afterwards Jamie went to work and everyone else a part from Emma and I went their separate ways. We decided to go for a walk since it was sort of sunny outside. It was lovely and we ended up walking for almost two hours. Time just flew by since we couldn’t stop talking! It was great getting some fresh air and I love that I had such an active day, it really has a great impact on my mood. Wish all days could be like that 🙂

Now I’m home and getting some cleaning done before the start of a new week tomorrow. I need to get some studying done as well.

I’ll talk to you soon xxx


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