Juice date

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I could not let my baby sis visit Glasgow again without a visit to Juice Garden. She’s never really had a freshly squeezed juice like this before and she loved it! She went for the Appleberry and by the end of our visit she had already decided on the juices she wanted to try for the next time she visits. Boring old me had a Leafy Greens (as always) but why change something that’s so good?

I really wanted Sarah to try a raw dessert and we ended up with a brownie and pistachio truffle ball. Both amazing, Sarah could not stop eating the brownie. It was so funny to watch her facial expressions, you could tell she enjoyed it haha. We couldn’t finish it all since they’re so filling so I had to bring some of it home!

I love that a place like Juice Garden exists in Glasgow, it’s such a great place to go for a treat. Being healthy doesn’t mean depriving yourself and it’s great that you can go out for cake and a nice drink without all the sugar (of course there’s fruit sugar in there but that’s entirely different in my opinion). Makes going out and having a nice sociable time without compromising on what you eat a lot easier.

I can’t believe Sarah’s trip is almost over! The day after tomorrow she goes back to Sweden. It’s been so amazing having her here but on the other hand I’ve got so much uni work to catch up on now 😛 So very sad but sort of good that she leaves soon.

Now I’ve got to get some studying done whilst Sarah is chilling on her ipad 🙂

Extra indulgence

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Bread Meats Bread
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I just wanted you to show what extra indulgence is haha. On Saturday evening we were out for dinner with Jamie’s mum and his brother before picking up Sarah at the airport. We went to Bo Kantina, former Burger Meats Bun. They recently changed their concept entirely and are now serving a fusion of Korean and Mexican food instead of burgers. I wasn’t sure what to think before going there but we were excited to try it. The interior was beautifully colourful. The entire dining experience was amazing. Our waitress was so friendly and knowledgeable about all the food. All the food that came out was heavenly! We can’t wait to go back. I like the fact that you can make healthier choices if you want as they options of brown rice with your food and salad bowls. You can build you dish yourself as well, which makes it a lot easier. Try their Kimchi, it was beautifully delicious!

Yesterday we met up for another indulgence meal at Bread Meats Bread. The last time we were here was exactly a year a go pretty much. The burgers there are absolutely beautiful and they didn’t let us down this time either. I think I have to say their sweet potato chips are perhaps even more delicious. They are so moreish and I could eat the entire bowl of them if I’m not careful. Truly the best burger joint in Glasgow.

After all of that it’s nice to get back to my more vegetarian eating habits, it’s nice to eat these meals out but I can tell my body isn’t quite used to it 😛 But oh my, it was worth it haha.

Now time for the gym! It’s leg day and I’m excited!


Soma random pictures and thoughts

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I had to upload this photo of this delicious raw dessert form Juice Garden I shared with Jamie the other day. Chocolate hazelnut caramel slice, yummy!

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Went to the busiest Lululemon yoga class to date! We were in a different location to fit everyone and it was amazing to see so many people practising yoga in one space.

Hi everyone!

I’m only in here quickly to say a quick hi! My baby sister and Jamie’s mum and brother are here at the moment and I’m trying to spend as much time with them as possible before they all leave to go back to their respective countries on Thursday. It’s so wonderful to have people over and spend some quality time with them. It’s the first time Sarah has met Jamie’s mum and brother as well, which has been fun.

We have been out for a lot of nice meals so it’s safe to say I have been indulging quite a bit lately. Plus I didn’t get a chance to go to the gym much last week because I was ridiculously busy with university work. Or as much as I would have wanted to. I still managed to go twice and got to the Lululemon yoga class.

It’s easy to feel bad at these times when you feel like you’ve made such great progress with your healthy food changes and working out. I can feel a hint of guilt sometimes when I’m not on track but why should I? The majority of the time I eat food that nourishes my body and usually I work out five times a week. Why should a small lapse in diet and working out make me feel bad? It shouldn’t and I won’t let myself feel bad about it. Sometimes you need to remind yourself that it’s okay to not be a 100% on track all the time. Sometimes your eating habits go out the window, sometimes you didn’t manage to get to the gym. As long as you get back on track, that’s all that matters in the end. It’s a marathon and not a sprint. What happens along the way yes it does have an impact but as long as you keep your goals and values in mind you will get to where you want to be in the end.

What I want to say is we’re all human and we aren’t perfect. You can be healthy and still eat it out (maybe not every day of the week but you know what I mean). Healthier options are also becoming more common on restaurant menus, which makes it a lot easier as well. Don’t cut out the joys in your life because by doing that you are not building a sustainable lifestyle. Then of course you need to remember where you want to be and build a lifestyle that supports those goals.

Anyway, I’m going to stop blabbering now 😛

Speak to you soon my dears xxx

Review: Rude Health 5 Grain 5 Seed Porridge

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Hi everyone,

I thought it was time for another review here in the blog. I love trying new things and porridge I just adore (in case you’ve missed that 😛 ). I’ve been eyeing this porridge for quite a while at Roots & Fruits here in Glasgow and last week I couldn’t help but buy it and try it out. It sounded amazing. I am already a fan of their organic oatmeal so I thought this had to be a hit as well.

So what were my thoughts? It was good but probably not worth it’s price. It didn’t taste much different from normal porridge. It had all the extra added bits in it but I feel like it is something you could mix together yourself but for a much cheaper. Of course, if you find it easier to just pour it up and cook it, I guess that saves time but I can’t really justify it for its price.

It definitely tasted nice but nothing out of this world that’s all.

I guess I’ll just continue with my normal brands until I find something else to try. Any suggestions?

Madeleine xx