Saturday morning


Happy Saturday everyone!

Hope you all had a lovely Friday evening. I surprised Jamie with dinner when he came home from work yesterday, whilst it was cooking I managed to squeeze in a short workout. There are no excuses people 😛 Having a yoga mat at home is amazing. You just roll it out and do a workout, saves me a lot of time when I’m busy. It might not be the longest or best workout of the week but it’s better than no workout!

I’m right now having my breakfast before heading off to my pilates class. I’m really excited because, as you know, it’s something I’ve been wanting to try for a while. Ellie is joining me too which will be a lot of fun.

Breakfast is porridge as usual, however I’ve finally have to realise that strawberry season is over and I’ve embraced the season of the apples. So I’ve swapped my strawberries for apples. Not quite the same but still very tasty 🙂 I try to eat a little bit according to season but must admit that I’m a bit too impatient sometimes and can’t wait for some things to come back in season… It’s just so tempting when everything is available all the time in grocery shops. What do you do? Do you try to eat according to seasons?

I need to get going now but I’ll speak to you soon! xx

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