Ladies dinner

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On Saturday night before the party, a group of my girl friends met up at Emma’s and Kamila’s for dinner. They had made incredible food! It’s such a nice thing having dinner at someone’s and as a student it saves a lot of money instead of going to restaurant. It’s also a great way to make sure you stay on tack with your healthy eating habits instead of going out for dinner to meet up with friends. Plus you get to learn and taste something new. I love sharing recipes and cooking tips, you get really inspired! 

I couldn’t stay away from the bread so I settled for half a slice. Of course I got obsessed with the salad they had made, it was delicious. Feta is always a winner with my taste buds. The salmon was absolutely beautiful as well. An amazing evening that I hope we will do again soon. I can’t wait to have them all over to mine!

Time to get ready for my lecture. Speak to you later xxx

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