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First two photos from Kat at Lululemon Glasgow


Happy Porridge Day everyone! Yes there is such a thing and it’s today! How amazing is that?

How are you? I hope you are doing well. I had an amazing start to my Saturday. I was at Bootcamp outside the Lululemon showroom and it was so much fun! Mark who was the coach pushed us a lot but you could not stop smiling because of all the fun activities he had us do like piggy back races and peg tag. So whilst you were working out and pushing yourself you didn’t really notice it as much. I would definitely go to his bootcamp again. Never thought I would be crawling around on the ground Glasgow City Centre to be honest but there is always a first for everything.

Afterwards we all enjoyed porridge in the showroom and some of the girls from Juice Garden showed up with lots of delicious treats! The Lululemon girls are celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving early in the showroom because they’re closed on Monday when it actually is. Lots of pumpkin treats had been made and I got to try a protein pumpkin and chocolate ball. It was heavenly!

What a great start to the day. Now it’s time to get studying xx

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