Pancake Sunday

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My shoulders were sore this morning from bootcamp yesterday 😛 It’s always nice to feel when  your workout makes a difference. I started my Sunday off by going to the gym to work out the legs and it was a great workout. My legs were tired when I left! This morning I had a huge craving for a pancake breakfast so I decided to surprise Jamie for when he woke up. I love surprising him with nice breakfasts. I think it’s important to surprise one another even if it’s just small things. It really makes you feel loved and special 🙂

I decided to try out the almond pancakes from Madeleine Shaw’s Get the Glow book and they were really tasty. You use ground almonds and almond milk instead of flour and milk so the consistency is slightly different. They are quite plain in the flavour on their own but once you add the blueberries, the cinnamon banana, walnuts plus maple syrup they are amazing. The original recipe says to serve them with honey but we prefer maple syrup on our pancakes. Even Jamie enjoyed them. I know he is slightly more sceptical towards these healthier recipes than I am, which is why I think he’s good reference point as well when we’re trying new recipes. He is definitely not a picky eater he just has different preferences to me sometimes, which is good. It gives a more balanced view when I right about it here as well 🙂

Let’s be honest though, they didn’t taste exactly as normal pancakes but they were really nice and did the job. Another bonus is how incredibly filling they are! I always get hungry like three hours later after a meal, sometimes less but I was full for over four hours and that says something, haha.

They are definitely worth a try if you want to try a healthier pancake option xx

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