Adventure time!

  Hi everyone!

Here you have a lovely photo of our morning faces. Enjoy….

This weekend Jamie and I are celebrating our three year anniversary. Can’t believe it’s been that long! Where did the time go?

We had lots of big plans on what we wanted to do and there were talks about going to all kinds of places abroad but in the end our student funds didn’t go quite all the way. Instead we decided on a staycation and do things we wouldn’t have time to do otherwise around Glasgow.

You guys already know that we are quite food obsessed so yesterday we went to spend an afternoon in the Whole Foods Market. Might sound a bit sad to most people but we were so excited, it was slightly ridiculous haha. I was probably the most excited… Healthy organic food is music in my ears. It’s a bit of a journey to get there from us and we’ve been wanting to go for ages. I’ll write more about this soon but let’s just say it was absolutely incredible :p

This morning we are off to Balloch just by Loch Lomond. We are doing an adventure course up in the trees and zip lining. It should be a great time and we’re really excited. I’m a bit nervous! I’ll of course try and take lots of photos of our experience and share it all here with you.

Have a lovely day and I’ll speak you soon xx

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