An adventure in the trees

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On Saturday Jamie and I headed to Loch Lomond and Loch Lomond Shores. I’d never been to Loch Lomond Shores before, it’s a small shopping centre beautifully situated by the shores of Loch Lomond (hence the name haha). The sun was shining and it was a stunning day to have day trip away from Glasgow.

For our anniversary we wanted to do something different. We went and had lots of lovely food at a couple of new restaurants but other than that we wanted to be active and do something new. Why not use it as an excuse to move your body a bit? That’s where Treezone came into the picture.

Treezone is just by Loch Lomond Shores and is an adventure course up in the trees full of obstacles and ziplines. It was a lot of fun but unfortunately we got stuck behind a group of children that took a bit longer on the different obstacles so there was a lot waiting. We still enjoyed ourselves but if you’re doing it, try and get ahead of the kids 😛 They said the course takes about 1-1.5 hours for us it took over two! It was exciting to try something new and apparently there is a bigger one further north in Aberfoyle that would be fun to try. Maybe a bit more challenging as well, which would be fun. I was surprised at how quickly you got used to the height and that’s coming from someone who’s afraid of heights. In the beginning it was a bit scary but then you didn’t really think about it anymore.

We were frozen after our time outside and had a nice lunch in doors and tried to heat up before our round of minigolf. It might seem a bit nerdy but it’s so much fun! I was happy to win for the second time in a row, so I got to keep my title for now, hehe. A great course, also just by Loch Lomond Shores. It was a shame it was only 12 holes though so you got through it fairly quickly.

All in all a lovely day out of the city 🙂

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